Terms and Conditions 1. These Terms of Use define the use of the service under the name www.vresta.gr (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”) provided by “KIPRAIOS GEORGIOS” Firmagroup and the distinctive title ” Vresta.gr “(hereinafter referred to as” the business “). 2. The user is provided with the service. (A) to retrieve from its database a business or a professional natural person using the business name or business name or business name or business name or business name as keywords, by typing the county or region or Street street. B) identify the geographic map on the website where the business or professional is located, as well as points of interest near the headquarters of the business or professional. (C) to promote to the company its own data (in particular the name or the name, type and place of business) in order to be included among the companies and professionals included in the company’s database. To this end, the use completes the “Submit” form. It is clarified that this form is filled in only by the person who wishes to be registered at www.vresta.gr, and it is expressly forbidden to register his / her data by a third party on or without consideration. 3. For the convenience of the users of the service and according to the category of business or professional individuals on the home page of the website there are the most popular categories of companies and professionals, so by selecting the user one of them and identifying the place of interest, can quickly Search for the information he is looking for. 4. The service provided on this website, as well as the content published therein, including maps, photographs or video, may be used only for personal, non-professional use. Commercial use of the site is forbidden. 5. The user is responsible for access to this website and the service and is obliged to use the website for legitimate purposes and in accordance with good morals. It is expressly agreed that it is forbidden for service users to use technical means to access the database of the website. For example, it is not allowed to use software for automated data mining for personal or professional use. 6. Content and service are provided “as is”. The business is not responsible for the availability, integrity, validity, completeness of the information. Applying routing from address to address or point of interest is the result of an algorithm and may not be as short as possible. The company is not responsible for user decisions based on information contained on this site or made available through it. Each user is solely responsible for protecting antivirus equipment and software from viruses. 7. The company can not guarantee that the service will be available at any time without interruptions and that it will operate without errors and disturbances. Due to technical conditions that are not affected by the company, there may be interruptions, especially in the event of unavailability of the Internet or the website, as well as a temporary interruption of the service. This also applies to maintenance and updating measures. The user declares that he / she is in agreement with such measures, which are as far as practicable outside the normal working hours and are declared in good time and with the relevant adverse effects to a reasonable degree. Such temporary unavailability of the service is not a defect. The company is not liable for any form of damage suffered by the user due to the use and / or unavailability of the use of the service, the information of this website. 8. The personal data of users wishing to be included in the enterprise’s business and professional database will be processed (but not limited to, collected, registered, organized, stored) for the purpose of providing the service, Services and products of the company and in accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data (Laws 2472/1997 and 3471/2006 as applicable). The use of the service by these users implies giving them consent to the non-business to process their data in the context of providing the service. 9. Users can contact the company via 210-6454406 or by sending e-mail to info@vresta.gr or fax at 210-6454406. Through the above methods,